Butterfly Kaleidscope Stars … Again


See this lovely stack of butterfly kaleidoscope stars, all with their surrounding diamonds? The stack is made up of more stars than it appears. There are well over 60 stars in that pile. And now they’re all done. Next is figuring out … Continue reading

Baby X’s and O’s


A finish! Well, almost a finish. The label still has to be added, but other than that Baby X’s and O’s is a finish. I made it some time ago with the Inklingo 7.5″ Spool or Japanese X collection. Now hold … Continue reading

The Story of One Butterfly Kaleidoscope Star


There’s a bit of a story to this one. First, the before shot. Now the after photo and the story. There was a planned power outage in our building earlier this week. We knew about it last week. They were … Continue reading

A Quarter of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars


More before and after pictures with this quartet. I’ve been having fun finding their before shots. First up. The after shot. The centre of this one makes me think of a palm tree. The second, with its before shot. And … Continue reading

And Then There Were Three


Three of the little 4.5″ Patchwork of the Crosses blocks, that is. I just couldn’t resist on the weekend and made one more to add to the slowly growing pile of these way too cute for words tiny blocks. There … Continue reading

Tiny Blocks and A Friend’s Great News


While I am committed to finishing the butterfly kaleidoscope stars quilt top, I was really feeling the need to work on something else for an evening. Sticking with just one project is unusual for me. Doing it basically twice in a row? … Continue reading

More Before and After Kaleidoscope Stars


Once I got started with the before and after shots, I couldn’t stop. And for today’s group I found the before shots of them all. Before. After. Before. After. Before. After. Before. After. Before. After. The centre of this one … Continue reading

Some Before and After Kaleidoscope Stars


I said yesterday I was going to find some of the before shots of these stars and I have. For four of the five I’m showing today, at least. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the fifth one’s original shot. I … Continue reading

Another Trio of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars


I really didn’t mean to just disappear from blogging for almost a week. It just happened. But I have been very busy stitching more of the butterfly kaleidoscope stars. They’re very quick to stitch as each one is surrounded by its … Continue reading