Patchwork of the Crosses

Remember these?  That picture is one I posted about 5 months ago of 9 of the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses blocks .  There are others that have been surrounded by the white hexagons and purple batik squares but not all of them yet.  It’s time to get these done and find the right fabric for the connecting squares at the intersection of the blocks.  So what have I been working on?

The surrounding cream hexagons are what I’ve been working on.   I join them into groups of three which I’ll later join to make the frame for each block.  I have a stack of these cream hexagons all printed and cut out, ready to stitch and that’s what I’m going to concentrate on until that stack is all put together into frames ready to stitch to the blocks.  It has been so long now that I can’t remember how many more I’ll need to print, so once I get this grouping of them stitched I’ll be able to figure out how many more I need to complete the top.  While I work on these, I’m going to contemplate whether I want to make a few more of the blocks with some other fabrics, just for fun to see what other effects I can get with some stripes and other directional fabrics.

We had another early spring day on Tuesday, marvelous really for mid March.  But it sounds like winter isn’t quite done with us as we’re going to drop from temperatures around the mid 50s down to wind chills in the minus range sometime between Sunday and Monday.  I hope the forecast is wrong and that the cold weather will miss us.

Lester is ready for spring.  He’s spending more and more time on the windowsill or, to be more precise, on the heating unit stretched out, watching out the window for that first bird or squirrel to make an appearance.

Smudge won’t bother until he hears the birds.  The windowsill is really Lester’s territory.  Smudge is much more interested in looking cute and getting attention than paying attention to what’s going on outdoors.  Who could resist this face?

Patchwork of the Crosses – Blue Stripes Framed

I don’t want to let my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks languish. I got the cream frame done for this one on the weekend and then joined it to the block and added the purple squares.

The back:

Monday was a bit of an adventure. I was about to start working, went to clean my glasses … and they broke. I can’t see 6 inches in front of me without glasses or contact lenses, so broken glasses is rather major. Mr. Q.O. took them downstairs to one of the opticians in the complex. They told him it would take until Thursday to get them repaired and back. I can’t see to do anything without glasses so waiting until Thursday was just not on!

When he came back up and told me what kind of timing I was looking at, I got on the phone to the optometrist from whom I used to get contact lens and was fortunate enough to get an emergency appointment for late afternoon. Thankfully, the optometrist is in the building so I didn’t have to try to go far and Mr. Q.O. was with me. After checking my eyes, the optometrist gave me a few sets of one-day contacts to try. I’m absolutely amazed at the clarity of my vision with these contacts.

The next hurdle was figuring out what I n
eeded in reading glasses on top of the contacts. (There are bifocal contacts and now that I know I can wear contacts successfully again, I will investigate that.) Off we went to the bookstore where they have all sorts of reading glasses, and I tried on a few pairs before finding the right strength to be able to read a book or stitch.

Once we got back, I tried to get to work. I instantly found that the reading glasses I need to read a book or stitch are far too strong for computer work. Thankfully, I had an old pair of readers kicking around that were much weaker and they’re perfect for the computer work.

I had planned on checking out the options now available with contact lenses, but not quite this fast. Guess it was meant to be. I’m absolutely amazed at the comfort level. Not having worn them for over 6 years, I was stunned to find that after 8 or 9 hours I still had total comfort. I go back to the optometrist on Wednesday morning when she’s going to give me some other types to try for a few days so that I can then make a decision on which are the most comfortable. I am so grateful that this worked out so well as, had I not been able to wear contacts at all, I would have been absolutely stymied.

The cats were getting in some serious lounging practice on Monday. First Smudge, showing one of his special style of lounging positions:

Then Lester, being a bit more classic about lounging:

New Patchwork of the Crosses Block

When looking at the blocks still requiring the surrounding cream hexagons, there was one that really stood out and I knew it wasn’t going to fit in with the others in the quilt. So I picked out some fabrics for another block and have now finished this one:

The back:

For the next 16 days I’m taking care of Winnie, an adorable looking little cat, for friends who have gone away to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. She is, however, one cranky cat!! She hisses when you put her food down for her, hisses if you try to pat her, just hisses a lot! I’ve known Winnie ever since our friends got her, about 14 years ago, and she has always been like this. She was a barn cat so I guess she’s basically feral. They live three floors above us, which makes it easy to run up and take care of her but I feel rather badly that she doesn’t want any attention at all. She just wants her food and water and that’s about it. Maybe I can get her used to a little attention during this time. That’s what I’m hoping.

One thing’s for sure, she makes me very grateful for the lovely dispositions our two boys have!

Lester, gazing out the window:

And Smudge in a variation of the “where’s his head” pose:

Another POTC Block Framed

As usual, I finish framing one of these blocks and it’s my current favourite. I’m amazed at how well the purple works with every one of these blocks so far.

The back:

Ever so slowly I’m responding to comments left over the last couple of weeks and trying to catch up reading and commenting on blogs. I can’t wait to have totally recovered from this wretched flu and have more energy.

Smudge curled up on one of the desk chairs:

And Lester sound asleep on the couch.

Another Small Star

Now that I’ve got the idea of doing a small quilt with these blocks, another needed to be made. I’m thinking I’ll add some plain 4.5″ squares and then have a fair-sized teddy bear quilt.

The back:

And the first two together:

On the weekend, I got the remaining 259 cream hexagons printed that I need to finish adding the borders to the POTC blocks. Here’s about half of them cut and ready to stitch together.

Lester, studying Mr. Q.O.’s cryptic crossword:

And Smudge waiting for his nightly treat of some yogourt:

A Very Pink Patchwork of the Crosses Block

A mostly pink block is now done. I wondered about the purple surrounding this one, but it works. I think purple is definitely my neutral for these blocks.

The back:

Mr. Q.O. saw his doctor Wednesday afternoon who, after listening to the symptoms, said we have classic H1N1 symptoms. After thinking that we were over the worst of it, Wednesday was a bit of a setback. The flu headache came back and the fatigue and weakness are definitely still evident. But, compared to many, we have had a very mild dose of it.

One thing’s for sure, I am very glad I had printed so many pieces for the various tops I’m working on. There is no way I could even think about precision cutting right now. But I can grab a spool of thread, a couple of needles and one of those little envelopes with the pieces for a block, and curl up on the couch and piece.


Lester curled up in one of the kitty beds.

Black & White POTC Block Framed

I wasn’t sure this block was going to work with the cream hexagon frame. I’m happy I was wrong on that score. I love the look of this one.

The back:

My POTC blocks have all been made with the Inklingo 1″ long hexagon shape collection. Sunday a new Inklingo collection for these blocks was released with 1.5″ shapes. The first thing I did was print out the shapes on various sizes of paper to use as my window templates when choosing fabrics. I was amazed at the difference that .50″ makes. All the fabrics I had picked out, thinking they’d work for blocks using that size, were prints/stripes that were just too small. So back to the stash for me to find some larger prints and stripes.

The weekend plans went out the window as both of us have come down with some sort of mild flu-like illness. Picking up the iron feels like I’m trying to lift weights, so my plans for ironing fabric and printing all the Harpsichord Quilt pieces is on hold for a few more days. Now I am ever so glad I have that box full of pieces all ready to stitch with no prep work necessary, so I can just pick out an envelope and stitch.

It was incredibly windy Friday night and Saturday so the cats were very busy. There are very few leaves left on the trees on the roof garden now. Lester resting after a busy weekend of leaf watching:

Smudge completely crashed.

Patchwork of the Crosses – Another Framed

As each block is framed, it becomes my favourite. It’s going to be hard to pick the centre block for the quilt when I get to that point. The centre of this one seems to vibrate.

The back:
One of the many Inklingo charm swaps we’ve had was of the 2.25″ equilateral triangles from Collection 3. I’m not altogether sure where I’m going with this, but I have a feeling that this is going to work up into a lap quilt that may well be a Christmas gift for someone. I have no real plan on colour placement with this other than alternating light and dark/medium, but that may change as I put together more of the triangles.

Smudge lounging on the love seat.

And Lester caught mid-yawn on the couch.

Preparing Patchwork of the Crosses Cream Frames

Seeing the POTC blocks laid out renewed my determination to get my Patchwork of the Crosses top together before the year’s over. So I have been taking little stacks of these and …

… stitching together sets of 3 and then …

… creating the cream hexagon frames for the remaining blocks. Once the frames are made, it’s just lots and lots of lovely continuous stitching to add them to each block. Adding the purple squares after that takes next to no time.

This weekend is our Creativ Festival. We’re going today — yes, Mr. Q.O. enjoys going as well. Then we’re meeting friends for dinner. It will be a very nice day, even though the weather leaves much to be desired. Snow, they say?? Snow in October? I’ve definitely got to get started on that beach ball quilt and pretend it just isn’t happening!

Smudge doesn’t care. He’s curled up, nice and cozy and warm.

Lester, on the other hand, was on the windowsill today. Look how green everything still is! How on earth can it snow when it still looks like this? There are still flowers!

I’m pretty sure he was watching the squirrels. You can see how green everything still is in this photo and some of the flowers.

Patchwork of the Crosses – Partial Layout

I tried to lay out more of the blocks but limited floor space and the threat of furry paws with claws helping made me leave it at this.

When all the blocks are framed and I’m ready to arrange them to stitch together, I think I’ll use the bed as a design wall — with the door shut so no kitties come to help. But I think this picture gives a pretty good idea how the top will look. It will be a set of 30 blocks, 5 by 6. There will be a 2″ square at the intersection of each set of 4 blocks. That is the one element I still haven’t decided on, although I’m leaning towards finding a really bright batik to put in there. Maybe an orange or a brilliant yellow.

This is, without doubt, one of my favourite shots of Smudge. I love the look on his face!

This one of Lester just melts my heart! He is such a big lovey of a cat.